BlackMountain Collection

BlackMountain Collection is handmade by ancient techniques of filigree and patent techniques developed in order to make modern jewelry.

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BlackMountain Tiny Pendant

BlackMountain Tiny Pendant

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This pendant is the smallest in the BlackMountain collection. It is elegant and perfect for daily use.
This item is handmade in Sterling Silver using unique patent technics based on ancient filigree tradition remade to be weightless yet big and graphical.
Big Mountain Pendant features 5 turns made of 0.6 mm thick twisted metal wire. The standard length of the chain is 42 cm.
Dimensions of the triangle: 25 x 20 mm. Weight inclusive the chain: 5 g.
The chain has a unique clasp connected with a short chain with a round plaque marked with brand logotype, 925 and master hallmark, Stockholm, and year stamps.

The chain can be ordered at any length.

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