TimeLess Collection

Each of the pieces in the Timeless Collection was designed and created by Ekaterina Sisfontes.  Each of the items is unique: named, numbered, and accompanied by a "certificate of the origin" sighted and dated by the author. Every part of the jewelry item is uniquely handmade and personalized in Sterling Silver never to be repeated.

Thou one cannot order an item of exactly the same form and weight, something similar can be produced reproducing the original idea and depending on the current availability of clockworks.

You can even choose to use a clockwork of your preference.

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Around Time 6

Around Time 6

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Orange Fluorescent Plexiglas piece is used to cover and preserve the antique intriguing mechanic parts of clockwork. They are preserved and displayed with care.

The original ring was 52 mm vice 56 mm in circumference.

The center part of the ring is 40 mm in diameter and 7 high mm.


Weight 32 g

Sold 2012

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