Ekaterina Sisfontes

Founder, Owner, Main Desinger

She is presenting a new chapter in accessory design.
Her creations are exhibited at design stores and different art galleries.
In 2000 she started a business under her own logo “SisKa”.

Through out her life Ekaterina has been a connoisseur of fine art and fashion.
Her jewels can be described as collared, original and amusing.
With its simplicity and straight lines they fit all ages and styles.
The harmonious plurality of these pieces of art is timeless and original and reflects the serenity and purity of Nordic art.
The jewels made by Ekaterina are minimalist, geometric and always have a touch of originality.

Her wealth of knowledge and cultural background has influenced and strengthened her skills in incorporating clever, fresh and timeless innovations into her work.
It seems that she believes into the phrase “less is more” and manages quite successfully to imply it into her designs.